MiRelLa – Photographic Exhibition in Fnac Boulevard Alicante

Until 19 September, MiRelLa in Fnac Boulevard Alicante, photographic project Fausto Podavini that began in 2007 and lasted more than four years, during which Fausto Mirella followed in their daily lives. 

Mirella, woman, wife, caregiver, assisted her husband Luigi, Alzheimer’s patient for over six years. Mirella born as work on Alzheimer’s, but not only about the disease, tells a long story full of hope and resignation, death and life, dedication and love. A daily life made ??of objects, signs, gestures, attention. Day after day disbelief gave way to hope, sadness memory.

Day: September 1 to 19 Mon-Sat 10-21: 30h | Dom and faiths 12-21: 30h 
Place: Bulevar Fnac Alicante. Av. Estación 5-7 Alicante
Price: Free admission

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